Cheese Pecorino Bio “Tamuli” (pack of 2 product) price per kg 18€


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Product Name: sheep cheese Bio “Tamuli”;
Production Area: Sardinia;
Characteristics: Cheese made exclusively from whole organic sheep’s milk.
Coagulation: milk supplemented with lactic acid bacteria, is coagulated with lamb’s rennet at 36 ° C.
Curing process: Immersion in salted water.
Maturation: up to 5 months for the table, an additional 5-6 months for grating.
Form and Weight:
– Shape = truncated cone.
– Dimensions = 16 cm diameter approx. 13cm heigh approx.
– Variable Weight = 2.5 – 3 kg approx.
External appearance: Smooth rind, deep yellow to dark brown in colour;
Appearance and Texture: white to pale yellow, firm and crumbly with age.
Taste: tends to be peppery with a long lasting flavour.
Packing: in boxes.
Conservation Tips: Keep the product in a refrigerator at a constant temperature of 4 ° C.

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Weight 5.2 kg


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