Cheese Pecorino Bio “Norax” (pack of 2 product) price per kg 14 euros


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Cheese Name: sheep cheese pecorino bio “Norax”;
Production Area: Sardinia;
Characteristics: Sheep’s cheese partially cooked. Made exclusively from whole organic sheep’s milk, heated to approx. 63 ° C.
Coagulation: milk supplemented with lactic acid bacteria, is coagulated at 38 ° C with calf rennet powder;
Curing Process: Immersion in salted water.
Maturation: at least 2 months at 14 ° C, RH 80-83%.
Form and Weight.
– Shape = cylindrical.
– Size = 16 cm diameter approx.
– Weight = 2 – 2.2 Kg approx.
External Appearance: smooth rind;
Appearance and Taste: at 2 to 3 months of seasoning is soft and white in colour. It becomes firmer and sweet and tangy with a lasting aroma which increased in strength on continued aging.
Packing: in boxes.
Conservation Tips: Keep the product in a refrigerator at a constant temperature of 4 ° C.

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